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We are a newly formed entertainment oriented company with our home base located in beautiful Washington State. Together our past experience includes work in live musical performances, recording studio work, and every aspect of the web and information technology. Our goal, is to span the genres of entertainment in assisting those who perform in acheiving thier goals, while producing original content.
Our mission is simple: Provide a low cost alternative in audio/video production and help new stars find their fame, while providing original content to the masses.

Kevin Oravits

I am Kevin Oravits, loving fiancé to Jody and stepfather to beautiful Julianne.  I am the co-founder, co-creator, actor and co-producer of Faceless Entertainers (formerly known as KJC Music Productions, KJC Entertainment and Faceless Entertainment). I was born in the ghettos of Denver, CO (no, seriously, there were bullet-holes in our fridge!) but was raised most of my formidable years in Ellensburg, WA in an apartment complex next to a large cow field.  During my adult life I served over 7 years in the United States Army, lived in virtually every corner of the country and worked for many very large organizations and corporations to include Yale University and Microsoft.

My whole life, my pleasure has come from making people laugh and entertaining people. All my life I've been told I should be a comedian.  With over 16 years of experience in Information Technology, I decided it was high time to utilize my skills to create unique, original and entertaining audio and video entertainment in a venue that could bring my original ideas to pensive viewers and listeners. It started with just friends and loved ones, but we at Faceless Entertainers have come to the conclusion that our product is something millions could and should enjoy. I do not play any instruments (unless you count the tambourine and the Puerto Rican güiro) and I have no formal training in audio or video editing.  I am a HUGE lover of all genres of music and my tastes range from Mushroomhead to Michael Buble to Johnny Cash. What I bring to the team is mostly creativity and comic-relief.  I am very excited about our new venture and I am looking forward to creating new and improved entertaining content for all of our fans. Go punch yourself!


Cecil, was born on a hot summer's day in Ellensburg, WA.  His mother June and his father Tom had no idea what they were in for.  Cecil, kept them constantly busy with his antics.  But, they loved him and made sure that he at least finished high school. After high school, Cecil, looked around the valley and thought to himself that he could do better.  Though he moved away several times, in search of "something better" he kept on returning to that valley that he called home.  Eventually, settling and "making a go of it".  Music was always a part of his life, playing trumpet in the middle school, high school and marching bands, he eventually went back to the guitar that his mother gave him when he was 5 yrs old and began to learn some chords, when he was 17.  There was no denying his love for this instrument.  After a while he experimented with any instrument that he could get his hands on.  Anything that could make music was special to him.  The main thing that eluded him however, was the ability to play "great".  Still, this being the case, he never quit trying.  In his 20's he ran the sound boards for a local band and was involved in various aspects of the 90's music scene.  Many bands would ask for advice from him and make adjustments to their sound and sometimes image based on this advice to great success.  They would always thank him for his input.  Always ok taking the "backseat" in the grunge movement, Cecil, was left with nothing to show for his input to some of the most famous bands of the 90's other than a memory.  Content with being a family man, it didn't seem to matter much, since it "didn't pay the bills".  Cecil, is now ready to pay the bills with his creative input, and take credit for his unique view on that which he has always held sacred.  The music.


I am Julia.  I wear a necklace that says "YOU SUCK" and that pretty much sums up my personality.  lol  I love having fun.  I am an XBOX guru, World of Warcraft player and I am currently involved in Volleyball.  I am attending 7th grade and I frickin hate it!   WAYYYY too much homework!  Anyways....I love being on stage.  I have taken several years of choir and I am currently enrolled in drama.  I recently performed my step-dads parody of James Blunts' song "Beautiful" at my school and everyone loved it. You should totally check it out! I am a very outgoing person with a very witty personality, so if you've got something to say, you had better expect a sharp, snarky comeback!  :o)